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Abarna and Becca are two good friends with a penchant for reading, and admittedly obsessive personalities, making them two peas in a bookish pod. One of the foundations of their friendship is raving to each other about things they’re excited about, and they frequently commiserate over the difficulties of finding diverse books. While they enjoy reading books of many different genres, they always find themselves especially thrilled when they come across books with diverse characters, and they want to help spread the word. 

What better way to share their excitement than in a blog?

Their goal with this blog is to share what they’re excited about, open up conversations about diversity, and be a resource for people looking for diverse reads.

Abarna (she/her) is a passionate twenty-something year old intersectional feminist, who’s recently revived appetite for reading has been compounded by Becca’s. As a queer, plus-sized woman of colour with a chronic illness, she finds herself ecstatic over seeing herself and her friends reflected in books. This blog is a passion project for her, and her hope is for Our Colourful Pages to be a source for folks who feel the same as her, and are looking for more diversity in books. Let’s see some characters who don’t fit into the category of straight-white-cis-ablebodied-neurotypical!
Current Favourite Book: Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko
Current Favourite Author: N.K. Jemisin

Becca (she/they) is a quiet twenty-something year old, who’s been a voracious reader since they were a small child (minus a dry-spell after an attempt to study literature in university almost murdered their love of reading). They’ve always been passionate about recommending the media they love to friends and family, whether it be movies, television, audio dramas, or books, but she never felt confident enough to do something like start a book blog until they found a friend who had a way with words and the gumption to say “We could totally do that too!” As a queer, neurodivergent person, representation can be surprisingly hard to come by. She believes that they can’t be the only ones to think so, and she hopes to fill that unfortunate lack of representation by collecting great diverse reads through Our Colourful Pages!
Current Favourite Book: Small Spaces by Katherine Arden
Current Favourite Author:
Alyssa Cole

As co-bloggers, Abarna and Becca will be co-authoring some reviews, while others are done individually. They will keep spoilers to a minimum, but will make note if any are included. Content warnings will be included for each post.

You can navigate their site and streamline reviews by clicking on the various tags at the bottom of the site; these tags include genres and the types of representation from each book.