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Today is #BlackOutTuesday, a collective social media action of solidarity to protest police brutality and racism. To participate, post a black image, and commit not to make any other posts for the rest of the day.

Note: many black activists are urging folks who are participating to not use the “BlackLivesMatterhashtag in their posts, as the surplus in posts expressing solidarity are actually just drowning out important updates and pertinent news shared under the hashtag. Please be aware of this if you choose to make your own post.

We want to remind fellow Canadians that police brutality and racism are not exclusive to the United States – we are plagued with our fair share of problems that often do not get appropriate media coverage, or are swept under the rug. In spirit of this, we wanted to share a few Canadian Black Lives Matters organizations that are accepting donations, if you have the capacity to help. We will also include links to organizations that help empower black communities in Canada (all of which also accept donations). You can find many more organizations online.

Black Lives Matter. Show Support

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